Dennis Bracken is one of few designers with the ability to handcraft many elements of the fine woodworking interior himself.  He is an accomplished expert woodworking designer and bespoke artisan craftsman. Dennis began his professional career in in Kansas City in 1991, although, at the age of 11 was the first time he had one of his art pieces publicly displayed. 

When he began his woodworking career, driven by the accolades of his mentors and peers, Dennis spent many years honing his craft and studying classical  and old world  fine woodworking and architectural. Because of his discerning eye for detail and engineering skills, he has been invited to be a part of many prestigious projects around the country.

Today, Dennis' passion and creativity has manifested itself into forging residential statement rooms. Rooms where the finest materials, unique design perspective, and uncompromising craftsmanship are combined to shape spaces that resonate in the hearts of his clients.

A True Artisan

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